Need help to grow your wealth during crisis?

COVID-19 has created a significant negative impact to income generated from employment and savings. This signals that the wealth an individual holds in bank accounts do not grow. SandS Resultants have highlighted this to our clients seeking to grow their investment portfolios. We have performed the background analysis so that our clients can make the best wealth generation decisions.

Many business owners are yet to understand the new normal that suits the survival of their investments. It is crucial to seize the opportunities to generate your wealth at the right time, not the perfect time, as there can’t be a perfect market condition at anytime. Our professional advisors will help you to stay focused on your investment growth goals, by providing the information and guidance to grow a secure and stress free investment portfolio. Though COVID has given people reason to pause and reassess their plans, incredible investment options are also becoming available, it’s important to acquire them before others take them all.

There are several consideration to allocate your investment budget.

1. Identify your current financial status: Your financial status depends on the income, expense, assets, liabilities, and access to emergency funds. We at SandS have ensured we maintain financial records of our clients systematically in order to analyse their financial status easily.

2. Align your personal goals to investment decision: Your short-term and long-term life goals will have a direct impact on your investment goals. Common aims for individuals would be; retirement plans, owning a property, creation of passive income or wealth generation for your heirs.

3. Identify your acceptable risk level: The cost attached to the investment is the loss you may incur due to the risk undertaken, not just the initial cash outflow on the investment made. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on a trustworthy, experienced, and proven finance and business professional to help you make that decision easily and decide the level of risk for a very high return.

4. Decide the type of investment: Explore the different types of investments suitable, before starting to invest. With many years of experience, we have managed and analysed the costs and benefits involved in an investment decision which enables our clients to consider the best options from the many available.

5. Sense of Urgency to make the decision: Set up your own deadlines to make your planned investment decisions that reach your personal goals. This ensures that you achieve timely results to support the desired goals and lifestyle.

Written by Sasha, ACCA-UK, Certificate in Banking and Finance, MBA (General). She has many years’ experience in banking, finance and accounting, and lecturing for ACCA which helps her drive business growth.

Edited by Sam Mansoor. Chartered Management Accountant, CPA, Chartered Global Management Accountant, Dip. Equity Trading. He has over 30 years’ experience helping businesses achieve immediate and long-term success.

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