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Winning the War for the Best Procurement and Supply Chain Talent

Procurement and Supply chain roles have been changing drastically. The most significant change is the move towards efficient, cost effective, hybrid methodologies, using a mix of traditional (manually driven) operations as well as the latest technology. Procurement & supply chain will be driven through Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to a greater extent. Drones […]

Need help to grow your wealth during crisis?

COVID-19 has created a significant negative impact to income generated from employment and savings. This signals that the wealth an individual holds in bank accounts do not grow. SandS Resultants have highlighted this to our clients seeking to grow their investment portfolios. We have performed the background analysis so that our clients can make the […]

Relationship Marketing for business growth

Relationship Marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. Prime objective of this strategy is to build a long-term relationship with the client, with the focus of client retention. This type of marketing relationship is built by prioritising product benefits to the customer and customer service (before making the purchase decision, while making the purchase decision and […]

The Three COVID-19 Driven Efficiencies to Improve Your Business Profitability

COVID-19 is shifting the global landscape in many ways. It has catalyzed new, efficient, and profitable ways of doing many things. It is important to understand these threats and opportunities created by COVID-19 to avoid falling behind the competition. There are many valuable articles/researches available online relating to the sectors boosted by the pandemic. We […]

Rapidly Grow Your Business Profits by Balancing this 5 Step Business Formula

  Growing your business can be difficult. Balancing the profit growth formula increases sales and reduces costs wisely. Our SandS Resultants have identified most business owners and managers face difficulty in achieving this, (e.g. overpaying sales staff in a desperate attempt to increase sales, only to see sales & profits decline or stagnate), however striking […]

Are you facing any difficulties managing cash flows? Follow these 6 steps to overcome it.

Cash flow is a pre-requisite for survival. Therefore, the requirement to efficiently and effectively manage cash remains important to any business. The challenges placed on businesses in the current pandemic are endless. Surviving in this hardship is a great way to reap the many benefits from the post COVID opportunities that will come. Based on […]

Have you ever thought about the impact from “Repeat Customer Orders” to your business?

Prime focus of majority of businesses is on generating revenue. The universal truth of attracting a customer to purchase your product or to obtain your service is based on main three factors. First and foremost reason is the Product / Service solution. What problem of theirs you solve, how important that problem is to them […]

Stepping Your Business Up to the Next Level, but Finding it Hard to Energize the Team? Follow These Three Steps to Energize Your Change Management

Like most business owners/managers, you will likely be aware of the many untapped opportunities and ‘goldmines’ in your business. Tapping, nurturing, and growing the value and profits from these ‘goldmines’ requires effective change. This could include changes like retraining your sales force to acquire larger/different revenue opportunities, training your team to work smarter at peak […]

Tips to improve teamwork at your organisation

Having a collaborative team has a direct impact on how well an organization functions. Good teamwork helps improve creativity as employees are able to exchange ideas in order to arrive at the best solution. Also the individual members in a team may each have their own strengths and weaknesses, so each individual is able to […]